Cavendish Banana

Packing: 5 ply Carton- bottom and 3 ply carton on top
Carton Weight: 13.5 Kg net weight / 14.7 kg gross weight
No. of cartons per 40 HC container: 1540 Cartons


Our  weight boxes are:

19.5 net kgs            

18.14 net kgs

13.5 net kgs 

Specifications – 13.5kgs box:
Variety: Cavendish bananas
Class: Premium
Case Style: 208
Type of packing: Vacuum
Grade: 39 – 46
Net weight: 13.5 kgs.
Gross Weight: 14.5 kgs
Hands: 4H,5H,6H
Finger size: 20 cm min
Number of fingers per hand: min12 max 24-26
Number of  boxes per container:

1560 without pallets

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