Size: 80-90,90-100,110-120,130-140,150-160,160-170 grains/kg
Processing: Careful selection and grading
Features: Nice color and taste, best for roasting, rich in various minerals benefit to human body
Package: In 5kg,10kg, 25kg,50kg, 80 kg per gunny bag or custom made
MOQ: one 20 ft container (12 tons)

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Item: Fresh Chestnut
Supply period: Available
Supply Capacity yearly: 2,000 mts
Size: 30/40 40/50 50/60, 60/80 pieces per kg
Packing: 5kg,10kg/ gunny bag,10kg/plastic carton,25kg/basket
Quantity/Conveyance Qty/40′ :

26mts within pallets

28/30mts no pallets

Transport and store in cold storage temperature -2-0
MOQ: 1×20 FCL


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