De Oiled Rice Bran

Deoiled Rice Bran is actually derived from rice bran , which is obtained through a process of de oiling of Oil from Rice Bran Powder. It is performed by solvent extraction plant only.

In 10 Kg Jute Bag .
25 Kg Jute bag. Or as per buyer requirement.

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Grade Crude Protein Moisture Crude Fiber ASH
I Grade >15% <10% <10% <10%
II Grade >13% <10% <16% <11%
III Grade >10% <11% <20% <12%

In our rice bran Crude fiber < 10% which is good for animal nutrition and add energy to cattle body.

If crude fiber is over 10%, husk powder of rice is too much for animal which is negative energy for animal and reduce animal’s weight, absorbs animal’s muscle & fat.

For example, if eat our rice bran, your cattle will reach weight of 100 kg; but if eat other rice bran which contains fiber between 10%-20%, the cattle can only weigh 93 kg.

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