Feather Meal

Packaging & Transport

The product can be supplied in accordance of the customer requirements from 28 tonne bulk loads or 1-2 tonne tote bags. They can be supplied ex-works or we can provide transport solutions.

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Chemical Analysis Method Range Typical Values
Moisture NIR+Wet Chemistry Max 9% 4%
Proteins NIR+Wet Chemistry Max 86% 80%
Oils/Fat Content NIR+Wet Chemistry Max 9% 5%
Free Fatty Acids NIR+Wet Chemistry <10 ppm 0 ppm
Ash NIR+Wet Chemistry Max 5% 2%
 Microbiological Analysis Characteristics Method Range Typical Values
Salmonella Microbiological essay (in 25g) Not detected Not detected
Enterobacteriaceae Microbiological essay (in 1g) 2 out of 5 samples to be <10 to 300 cfu/g <10 cfu / g
Anti-Oxidant Added as per customer requirement
Physical Particle size is less than 2mm, checked using a reference sieve
Contamination is removed through screening. Meal is free from pesticides, lumps, insects and other foreign objects.
Shelf Life & Storage Stored in bulk or tote bags in a cool dry area, shelf life is dependent on storage conditions and antioxidant treatment.
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