1. It has high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact and wide temperature range;
2, high transparency and excellent dyeability
3. Low molding shrinkage and good dimensional stability;
4, good fatigue resistance;
5, good weather resistance;
6, excellent electrical characteristics;
7, tasteless and odorless, harmless to the human body in line with health and safety.

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Grade: Blow molding grade, injection molding grade, etc.

Film Grade

Item Test condition Test Method Value Unit
Density   ISO 1183 0.944-0.955 g/cm3
MFR 190°C/2.16kg ISO 1133 0.03-0.07 g/10min
Tensile strength at yield   ISO 527-2 22 MPa
Elongation at break   ISO 527-2 >350 %
ESCR F50,50°C,100% ASTM D-1693A 1000 h
VICAT   ASTM D-1525 126 °C

Blow Molding Grade

Item Test Condition Test Method Value Unit
Density   ISO 1183 0.950~0.955 g/cm
MFR 190°C/2.16kg ISO 1133 1.7~2.5 g/10min
Tensile strength at yield   ISO 527-2 24 MPa
Elongation at break   ISO 527-2 >600 %

Injection Grade

Item Test Condition Test Method Value Unit
MFR 190°C/2.16kg ASTM D-1238 20 g/10min
Density ASTM D-792 0.954 g/cm3
Tensile strength at yiled ASTM D-638 28 MPa
Elongation at break ASTM D-638 250 %
Impact tensile strength ASTM D-1822 42 kJ/m2
ESCR   ASTM D-1693 3
VACIT ASTM D-1525 127 °C

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