PET Bottle Scrap

Grade: 100% PET
Color ratio: Clear 100% individually & Green 100%
Appearance: Bottles
Impurity: No Caps, rings, or labels
PVC: Less than 0.01%
Water Content : Less than 0.01% moisture
Packing; Pressed in Bales.
Baled and Loaded in 40′ HC! 115cm X 75Cm X115 cm

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Pet Flakes – White Clear
PVC – Less than 100ppm
Moisture – Less than 1 %
Other contamination -Less than 100ppm
Melting Point – 245 – 265 degree C
FlakeSize – 8-16 MM (As per requiremnet)
Packaging -35kgs each sack

Our PET Bottle Flakes are ideal for the Following Applications:

Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber (Re-PSF)
Polyester Strapping
Polyester Oriented Yarn (POY)
PET Sheeting
Please feel free to contact us with your individual requirements;

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